You Are What You Eat…

From the Providers Desk
Most people know that taking care of what they eat makes them feel and function better – less stomach pain, constipation, and diarrhea, but did you know that all your digestive system does for you?

Your digestive system is a complicated highway that is about 30 feet long with turns and twists. Along that highway, your digestive system is working hard to provide nutrients for your body by breaking down foods for your blood to absorb and carry them to the cells in your body for work in energy, growth, and repair (NIH, 2017). It does this with the help of complex bacteria and other microbes. Researches are finding out that these complex bacteria and microbes may also influence your health in other ways such as how your body fights illnesses and diseases (NIH, 2017).

So, be good to your digestive system by eating healthy foods as well as less processed foods. If you have problems with your digestive system talk with your provider. Adding a probiotic to your routine may be helpful. Use the old adage you are what you eat!

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