BA Accounting and Business Administration – Graceland University (Lamoni, IA)

MBA Health Care Administration – Colorado Technical University (Colorado Springs)

Douglas Jaeger, Jr. MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Douglas Jaeger Jr is responsible for administrative and programmatic project management and ensuring completion of project goals and objectives. He is responsible for all Open Door Health Center programs including on-site daily operations, mobile services, and school-based outreach programs. Doug has 25 years of experience with Federally Qualified Community Health Centers in various senior leadership capacities. Over the past 10 years, he has been instrumental in growing services at those facilities he has led while expanding the number of locations of those health centers. Doug also works with key community partners to achieve ODHC goals and is responsible for resource procurement and development. He also works in partnership with the ODHC Board of Directors to complete and implement strategic plans for the organization.