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Open Door needs your help more than ever before. Together we can resolve the health issues left behind by the pandemic. SO many are going without the health care they need. Anxiety, depression, and substance abuse remain significant concerns in our community. Will you become a donor to support Open Door Health Center as we reach out to your friends and neighbors who need help?

Your donation can help provide these services within our community:

  • Behavioral health assistance for those struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.
  • Office-based addiction therapy, assisting those with addiction, including opioid addiction, to reduce their dependence on street drugs.
  • Integrated medical care for acute and chronic medical conditions, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.
  • Comprehensive dental care for your friends and neighbors who are doing without because of a lack of dental insurance.
  • Outreach dental services for approximately 1,000 elementary-aged children who have no dental home

Throughout the pandemic, Team Open Door has worked tirelessly to educate, test, treat, and vaccinate. It has been a challenge to continue to stretch, especially with increased staffing shortages.

We have a long way to go …with your help we will return to a healthy and prosperous community.

Please support the recovery, health, and prosperity of your community by making a donation today.

You may also donate by calling (507) 344-5518.

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